App Store Optimization or ASO is a marketing tool/technique which is mainly used by the developers to increase its app visibility in all app stores and get more organic downloads.

It works on the principle:

“Visibility leads to downloads and downloads leads to more visibility.”

It focuses mainly on two things called: keyword optimization and conversion rate optimization.


Once, the app developer develops and does the all hard work to create an app. He uploads it in all app stores, and then mobile app marketers tend to improve the publicity of the app through various techniques like campaigns, ads, social media influence etc.

When your app gets good publicity, it tends to drive all the potential customers towards your app page. If for example, the SEO, features, rating, description of the app is not up to the mark, it surely is a big turn off to the customers. This is the place where the App Store Optimization steps in.

It is a budget-friendly marketing tool that helps your app to work efficiently and makes your app stand in the top category.


With more than 2 million apps in the app store, and searching the app name is the only method in discovering your app, standing out in the competition is a tricky thing. With little App Store Optimization service techniques and strategies, you can make your app stand in the top category.

Let is consider SEO, i.e. search engine optimization, how a website fight for the top search result. ASO is a similar process used for apps. It involves continuous updates of the app, download rate, visibility to stand high in the app store. This works with the following methods:

  • Keyword optimization: keywords are the first influential factor for your app’s visibility. It is a process of using high search traffic keywords in your app’s title, subtitle, description etc. so that it ranks high in the search results.
  • App download velocity: a higher number of organic downloads and users is the highest-ranking factor in both google play store and app store. It helps in

If more people download your app, it improves your app ranking factor.

  • Optimized conversion rates: the second important goal of App store optimization agency is to convert a number of visitors of app page into app users by convincing them to download the app. This can be done with characteristic features, appealing icons and screenshots etc.

If your app has more conversion rate, then the app store algorithm takes it as a decisive factor and ranks it higher in search results.

  • Ratings and reviews: ratings and reviews on your app is an indirect ranking factor that no ASO expert can control. But with reviewing and replying every users’ review and updating your app consistently is considered as a ranking factor in app store algorithm.
  • Retention rate: even if you convince the user to download it, but if hes not satisfied with the app’s performance and uninstalls it shortly, the app store algorithm considers it as a negative factor and effects on app’s ranking position.


App store optimization is a deep subject to look into and requires patience. The success of the app is not a one-night revolution but months of hard work and effort. With ASO, the process is simple and finally helps you to boost your app’s success.

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