Most of the developers decide to launch their apps in both android and iOS platforms. Although both the stores are used for the same purpose, to search for apps and download, they have very different techniques and ecosystems while working. This article gives you an introduction to both app store optimization service  for android and iOS app stores and vast differences between them.


App Store Optimization is a process that focuses on app’s on metadata and off metadata.

On metadata consists of factors that are under the control of developers like title, description, icon, screenshots, video production, graphics etc.

Off metadata consists of factors like install volume, ratings and user reviews.


  1. App store optimisation iOS
  • Keyword research/market research:

The keyword selection process is quite complicated and difficult one. The process depends on

  1. Chance score: it is a metric which is used to find the score of easiness for your app to stand in the top 10 of the search results. The scale usually ranges from 1-100, with high 90-100 score, the app can easily hold in 1st position of the search.
  2. Search score: it shows the terminology which is highly used by the potential customers to search apps similar to yours. It is also ranged from 1-100.
  3. No of applications: no of apps visible when the targeted keywords are searched.

Differences in approach

When compared to the keyword field, both iOS and Android have a very different approach.

The iOS keyword field mainly decides to show your app based on keywords invisible to the users.

Whereas in the google play store, the primary strategy is focusing on the keywords used in the title and description to show your app.

For example, when we search for the word travel, apple play store opens up the 1st ranked app along with its description, whereas in Android, all the apps related to the keyword pops up.


  1. App store optimization android:


The most important ranking signal in both app stores in the title. It is essential to include targeting keywords in the app’s title.

The main difference between the google play store and apple app store is the number of characters. iOS app title should include up to 30 characters, whereas in Android it is up to 50.


Keywords in the subtitle or description are also important in the app’s visibility and ranking.

Using targeted keywords in description helps your app rank higher in the google play store, whereas in apple store using repetitive keywords is just a mere waste of space.


While describing the app’s features both the app stores have very different algorithm

In the Apple app store, the long description is not a ranking factor. So, you can creatively explain about your app and its features convincingly and focus on sparking users’ interest.

Whereas in the google play store, long description about plays a role in ranking factor, using at least 1-3% of keywords in your apps description helps you stand first in search results.


In the apple store, we can add up to 10 screenshots while in google play you can add up to only eight screenshots.

This is not only the difference but, when you search for a keyword, apple store comes up with app along with three important screenshots whereas in google store it hides the screenshot list.


In both the play stores, the developer needs to keep his app up to date with the current market situation to stand first.


When it comes to developing an app, most of the developers tend to launch it in both the platforms. This is a great idea when you get to Understanding the differences in both the app stores. This helps you get the most optimized app according to your suited app store and increase your market reach





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