Fulltorrent ASO 15 Unheard Ways To Achieve Greater App Store Optimization

15 Unheard Ways To Achieve Greater App Store Optimization

And also instead of just the 2 things of flowers outside can you make a flower shop? Including like vases and stuff? Can you also add like app store optimisation a baby shop and have like baby toys?!?! You could also add like a baby bouncer!! It would be awesome if you added one or all of these features. It would also be cool if you add a feature where you can make your own thing, I’m thinking there can be an option when you first open the app!

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P.s: if you add one PLZ add the pet shop!!!” This game is great! But I have a couple updates that would suit the game! You should have a hair cut shop and be able to change hair color! You should have apartments and a restaurant or two. You should have more stores and houses. And my favorite one…. More characters!!!! (Teens adults babies and kids!) thank you for reading this and please update all versions of my playhouse! Thanks‼️😄😀😄😍😍😜

“I love this game it might even be my favorite. I am going into middle school and I still play this game. The only problem… You should add a restaurant and a pet store. If you do this you would get more downloads. You should app store optimization company in india also add a gym for the characters to work out. I would love if you added a beach with bathing suits for the characters. Over all I love this game.😀😀😀 I think you should also add a dog park if you make a pet store”

Its true i love these games!!! My cousins couldn’t put it down and i started playing the game too. I just have a couple of questions, Why aren’t you aloud to take the people who work in the stores with you? Also you should add a baby store, like baby clothes and baby toys, and maybe you could add some teenagers. I know your saying we already have them, but the kids are 7-11 at least. Thank you for reading this.

Would you find any chance please make an app where we can create our own  universes and call it “my play universes”so we can create our own towns, people, places, foods, cities, country land, houses, ETC, anything, like you can create chocolate Popsicles, bananas, hoverboards, Electric scooters, furniture, rivers, lakes, ETC, anything, please do that thank you please use the same format you use for the other https://nextlabs.io/  my play games and thank you. From, Leah

I absolutely love these games and want more to open. Sometimes I think aren’t I a little old for them since I’m in middle school but nope I still love them I think you should add a pet store, a restaurant, a toy store , a daycare, a park/better play ground , maybe an amusement park, more houses , and you should have a beach, pool , and lake and bathing suits so the people can go swimming thx for reading this.

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