Fulltorrent App reviews Improve your Android app reviews quality

Improve your Android app reviews quality

App market are often a difficult place sometimes . Your app performance depends upon sort of things and enhancing the app performance are often a difficult task. to urge started with, any app’s performance is governed by 3 main things.

The Number of App Downloads
App Rating
User Reviews

Every factor is significant and features a task to play to figure out if an app features an honest status. The app rating and user reviews help to increase the trust of the people. Having good reviews tells that your app is trustworthy and should be downloaded with none hassles. This features a crucial impact on your business. This helps you to increase your in-app installs and also help to strengthen your app conversion. But we all know that writing reviews could also be an uneventful task and much of parents tend to skip it. Therefore, getting reviews itself becomes a hard task. during this text , we’ll mention the ways by which you’ll improve your android app review quality.



Review Plug-ins: During app design phase, it is often advised to include app review plug ins within the app layout. this is often often a really smart because of get reviews and ratings and this method is used by a surprisingly sizable amount of developers. But care possesses to be taken about asking the feedback. Pop-ups are obviously annoying and thus utmost care should be taken during this . The app should invite reviews after a given time or after the user completes its task. this way chances of getting review increases manifold.

Rewards for Reviews: Another wise thing to urge reviews is by awarding the users. The exchange in simple. Ask users to review your app and reciprocally give something to them. It are often a discount coupon or maybe an upgrade to a replacement weapon in an arcade game. The reward could even be according to your app. no matter the reward could even be , you’re more likely to urge reviews by following this.

Customer Support: Let’s return to basics. If we might wish to understand about something, the only way is to ask. But obviously it won’t be knowing call/text your users and keep it up bugging them with requests to supply reviews for your app. a wise way is by integrating help/support in your app. a strong customer support is greatly appreciated anywhere and it’s same for apps. this is often often particularly true just just in case of paid apps. People prefer apps/products that have an honest customer support and this may be used to collect reviews. A built-in customer help section within the app itself motivates users to use it. During the help process, reviews and ratings are often collected. this is often often a very smart step and should help tons in collecting feedback.

Competitions and bonuses: a superb way of involving your users is by conducting competitions and awarding them bonuses. Say there is a contest during which you ask users to supply their feedback on a selected app and reciprocally you’ll award them with an extended trail period or maybe a free premium account. Basically anything you’ll afford. Awards are often appealing and should influence people to undertake to to what you’d like . This gets easier in gaming apps. you’ll keep a mission/stage as completing feedback for the app. There are numerous ways to optimise this for your app. Only you’d wish to be creative and yes you’re doing need to plan of the box.

Time it well: Yes, it all involves timing. We all had experiences with pop ups. It gets more annoying it the app starts on asking for reviews and ratings the very first moment it starts. What app developers should know that no-one wants to write down down reviews. The trick is to influence them to supply feedback and by adding unnecessary pop-ups, the user experience only gets worse. Therefore, the buy Android app reviews pop-ups should be timed perfectly. In gaming apps, this may plan a mission; during a meditation app this may plan the user completes few days of self help tutorials. Timing can make your dilemma an easy thing to unravel then confirm you’re doing it right.

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