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Celebrate childbirth

Manners for celebration during childbirth

A birth celebration was originally both a report of a birth and a greeting. In addition, we occasionally held a baby show party, whether or not we had a celebration. Nowadays, it is common to refer to the gifts of congratulations for giving birth or to thank-you items. It’s time to send it. At the end of the visit to the shrine, it is a good idea to send it around 30 days after childbirth. It is normal to return half the amount of money you receive or half the price of goods. Giving something higher than the amount you received as an internal celebration is rather rude. Make a list of those who have been celebrated, and be careful not to forget to send your childbirth celebration.

Recommended for inside gifts

Choosing a gift for childbirth can be difficult, depending on the taste and age of the partner. Safe food is said to be gone, so you can send sweets, foods, daily necessities, etc. that you can no longer eat. Recently, catalog gifts have attracted attention. Catalog gifts allow you to select the product that your partner likes from a catalog that lists products of various genres. You can choose from a wide variety of products, from food to tableware, daily necessities, toys and clothing, so you can save time selecting products by partner. Many companies sell catalog gifts, and the pricing is wide, so you can select a catalog depending on who you send it to. Catalog gifts are used not only for birth celebration, but also for wedding gifts and gifts.

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